Created from a unique blend of fruit enzymes and essential oils, Rain cleans without harsh chemicals or toxic residue. Our cleaners are made especially for young children and adults with allergies or sensitivity to chemicals.

Our Unique Ingredients


Rice Bran Oil

Packed with antioxidants and rich in Vitamin E, rice bran oil is a powerful natural moisturizer. Found on a thin layer between the rice grain and the hull, it contains as much as 60% of the nutrients in each rice kernel. It’s high in essential fatty acids and extremely effective in preventing dryness and providing skin protection.


Multi-Fruit Enzymes

This unique component of our formula combines the power of several types of tropical fruits. Main ingredient such as pineapple and citruses help break down proteins, remove stains and deodorize. Extracted through a time-consuming process, our multi-fruit enzymes help gently clean without the use of harmful chemicals.

Our Products Are

  • icon-leafNatural
  • icon-waterGreywater Safe
  • icon-hypoHypoallergenic
  • icon-heartCruelty Free
  • icon-recycleRecyclable


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