Natural Baby Lotion


Made especially for sensitive skin, our baby lotion is safe to use from head to toe. A blend of shea butter, rice bran oil, rice callus stem cell extract and other essential oils helps keep the skin soft and healthy.

Made with Ecocert-approved natural ingredients.
Contains multi-fruit extract, rice bran oil, and other essential oils



A Collection of 7 Natural Ingredients Approved by Ecocert. These include:

Gotu Kola
Licorice Root
Green Tea
Skullcap Root
Japanese Knotweed Root

Rice Bran Oil

Rich in Vitamin E, rice bran oil is a powerful natural moisturizer. Found on a thin layer between the rice grain and the hull, it contains as much as 60% of the nutrients in each rice kernel. It’s high in essential fatty acids and extremely effective in fighting dryness and providing skin protection.

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